About us

Cloudtail is one of the leading retailers in the e-commerce marketplace, empowering customers with a wide variety of and easy access to brands across categories. Cloudtail offers a vast range of purchased goods across the country–an assortment of over 3.5 million products across multiple categories, ranging from fashion and travel accessories to home appliances and personal care. Cloudtail brings a wide array of international and national brands providing a hassle-free purchase, adding extra value to millions of its customers.

Company background

Cloudtail was set up in August 2014 to redefine the online retail business by filling in the gaps of customer needs and providing the best value proposition to customers across India. Today, Cloudtail is one of the key sellers in the marketplace, offering customers a hassle-free process of purchase. Cloudtail, currently, has 6,000+ unique vendors and products from 11,500+ brands to delight its customers with great choices.

Over the last few years, Cloudtail has grown in revenue from INR 1,145 crores in 2014-15 to INR 8900+ crores in 2018-19. We are committed to providing a platform to local vendors and manufacturers (with 700+ registered MSMEs) to help them grow in the e-commerce channel–through awareness creation, training, consulting and value-added services such as catalogue creation and the use of online tools. Cloudtail is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Prione Business Services, which is a joint venture between Catamaran and Amazon.

At Cloudtail, we believe our purpose is to redefine customer-centricity. In the process, we have created a team of talented and driven individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We promote an open-door culture for employees to support them in their transformation towards future leadership roles.